Medical Gastro Enterology
Bhavin Specialisy Hospital offers high quality medical gastroenterology services. We have a distinguished tradition of excellence in this field .The following services are offered -Treatment of Bleeding Peptic ulcer, Varices, Oesophageal Lacerations and malignancies, treatment of various Liver and Biliary diseases such as Hepatitis (both acute and chronic) and Acute and chronic Pancreatitis. Our patients also undergo ERCP when indicated.
We are well equipped with the best equipments to enable us to provide the best of care for our patients.

Surgical Ward
Surgical Ward

Bhavin specialist hospital provides treatment for the entire range of neurological problems for adult and pediatric patients. We have a highly experienced Team of physicians providing quality Neurological care.
Conditions such as Stroke, Intracerebral Haemorrhages, Parkinson’s disease, Seizures, Peripheral Neuropathies, Meningo-encephalitis and encephalopathies are routinely treated by our Neuro physicians. We also admit many patients with Coma and our experienced Neurologist is very helpful in their management.
Neuro-Rehabilitation is a very important aspect of most Neurological condition that cause physical disability. A multidisciplinary team consisting of the Neurologist, Physiotherapist, speech and Language therapist and Occupational therapist meet regularly to discuss the problems faced by individual patients and offer solutions to rehabilitating patients getting them back to their best possible physical condition.
The rheumatology department in Bhavin Specialist Hospitals offers a wide range of services to the patients for diagnosis and treatment of joint, bone and connective tissue diseases.
The rheumatology department accepts referrals from GPs and also from tertiary sources for a range of conditions including Rheumatoid, Inflammatory and Psoriatic Arthritis, Back, neck and shoulder pain, Spondylosis and various other disorders.

Respiratory Medicine
Bhavin specialist Hospital, the pinnacle of Preventive Cardiology situated almost in the center of the city, has the complimentary services of pulmonologist. Chest and Respiratory diseases are very common in India. Further, with the rise in Smoking amongst both genders and at all ages, the incidence in Respiratory ailments will only rise over the next few years. We have a team of very dedicated Respiratory Physicians to guide treatment and help reduce the suffering of people with advanced Lung diseases.

Respiratory Unit
Respiratory Unit

Medical Oncology
The super specialty is concerned with the diagnosis, Staging and treatment of various Cancers. Patients who receive Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy at our hospital are followed up carefully and in the Out Patients Department. Those who have advanced disease are offered palliative care. With the increasing incidence of Cancer and novel therapies it is now possible to “cure” many more patients and also reduce their suffering. We at Bhavin specialist Hospitals offer both Day care as well as In-Patient care for the Cancer patient with Chemotherapy, Radiology and Surgery After care. Our counselors provide much needed Psychological support to both patients and their families.

Dental and Maxillo-facial Surgery
Ear Nose Throat Surgery
Orthopedics & Trauma
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Plastic Surgery